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Campground Rules

General Information

Thank you for choosing Eagle Rock Resort & Campground for your stay. Please read this information and rules carefully.

GENERAL STORE HOURS: In season, 8am to 5pm Monday-Saturday. Sunday 8 to 3 PM. Off season, will be posted on the door. After hours number is 937-515-9230. Emergencies Dial 911.

CHECK IN: 3 PM. You may arrive early and use our temporary parking area and access the trails if you have registered at the general store and signed the waiver form.

LATE ARRIVALS: Guests are responsible for making late arrival arrangements with the General Store before 5 pm EST on the day of arrival. You will not be able to get into your cabin without us issuing you a code prior to that time. It is your responsibility to make sure you know your RV site, Cabin number, and Code prior to arrival. You will be asked to move immediately if you set up in the wrong site. If not moved in a timely manner or you are not present, we will be forced to move any campers and/or vehicles at the owner’s expense. Any arrivals after midnight will be held in overflow until the next morning so as not to disturb other guests. Guests that arrive late must check in at the General Store the following morning.

CHECK OUT: 10:00 AM. We ask that you vacate by 10:00 AM as our cleaning crew arrives at that time. Another day’s rental will be charged to your folio by 11:00 AM. You are welcome to use the resort facilities and day ride parking area after checking out. All parking is subject to availability and NO overnight parking is offered unless approved through the General Store.

EARLY DEPARTURE: There will be no refunds or rainchecks for early departure.

PETS: There are many things to consider in allowing pets into a resort. Such as noise, pet hair, fleas, ticks and allergies to future guests. Therefore, we will only allow pets in the RV area and pet friendly designated cabins. Pets must be on a leash when outside at all times. Do not leave your pet unattended without placing him/her in a kennel before leaving approved cabins. Continuous barking/noise will be an immediate eviction from Grounds. Each cabin is professionally treated on a regular basis; However, we are in the mountains and encounter wildlife and insect friends of all kinds. No REFUNDS or CREDIT will be given in these instances that are out of our control. Failure to clean up after your pet or property damage caused by your pet will require extra charges to your folio of a minimum of $50 up to cost of repair/replacement. If unreported pets are found inside a cabin, we will charge your folio a cleaning fee of $200. 

SMOKING: Cabins are 100% smoke free. If our policy is violated or if a smoke detector/alarm has been disabled or removed, we will charge your folio a $200 environmental cleaning fee. 

NOISE: Do not play music so loudly that it disturbs other guests. Obey QUIET TIME from 11 PM to 8 AM. 

CHILDREN: Parents, please attend to your children. Eagle Rock Resort & Campground works to maintain a family atmosphere for everyone’s enjoyment. It is strongly recommended that parents obey the manufacturer’s guidelines in age-appropriate OHV’s for their children. DO NOT allow children to cruise the campground as entertainment. This causes dust and poses a risk for injuries and/or property damage. Please remember, all children under age 18 are required to wear a helmet. 

REFUSE: All trash must be disposed into the available dumpster located throughout the resort. Do not leave trash inside the cabins. Do not throw trash/beer cans into the fire rings or the yard. We will charge your folio $30 for trash removal.

CABINS: Remove muddy shoes at the door. Do not get mud on the carpets, walls, furniture or ceiling. Do not use our linens to clean mud from shoes or OHV’s. Do not rearrange cabin or deck furniture. Coat hooks are located outside the cabins for soiled apparel. To help keep the cabins clean, please use the boot scrubbers located in front of each cabin for removal of excess mud prior to walking on the cabin decks.

TOWEL EXHANGES: Towels and wash cloths can be exchanged at the General Store. You must turn in soiled for clean. We provide a starter supply of linens, towels, wash cloths, bath soap, toilet paper, trash bags, dish soap and dish washer detergent. A guest can exchange towels once during a 3-5 night stay and twice during a 6 night or more stay. Guests are responsible for providing additional supplies during their stay.

FIREWOOD: Can be purchased at the general store. Firewood and fire starters must be purchased within the State of Tennessee according to State Law. Fires are permitted but it is your responsibility to control. Unused firewood must be removed at check out. Any logs, branches or debris dragged into the campsite and left behind will be removed at your expense. 

ALCOHOL: Effective 4/15/2024: TWRA has banned the possession of alcohol on the trails

Responsible consumption of alcohol is permitted at the campground.


Maximum Occupancy

One camper per RV site.  No campers allowed at cabins/condos. One tent on RV sites are $20 extra per night. The maximum occupancy for RV sites is 10. Maximum occupancy for cabins/condos is as follows:

Loft #2 – 2          Lofts 1 & 3 – 4  Eaglets – 4         Roosts – 6         

Crest – 8             Peak – 12           

Cozy Bear – 12  Condos 1 & 3 – 7           

Condos 2 & 4 – 4            Condos 5 & 7 – 8           

Condo 8 – 4       Condo 6 – 6

For safety reasons, we ask that you respect these guidelines. Guests that arrive late to your group must register at the office.

TRAILER PARKING: Do not block driveways or roads. There is extra parking in the stage area.

PICNIC TABLES: Every site and cabin have a picnic table. If you move tables together for groups, be sure to return the table before checking out in order to avoid a charge to your folio. 

CELL PHONES: Most cell phones work at the resort. A phone is available in the general store for emergency use only.

EMERGENCIES: Call 911. Our address is 805 Luther Seiber Lane, Pioneer, TN 37847. There is an Emergency phone located in a box in front of the General Store.

TRAILS: There are over 600 miles of trails connecting to the Eagle Rock Resort & Campground area. Free trail maps are available at the general store. YOU MUST HAVE A TN RIDING PERMIT if you are over 12 years of age and operate an OHV. Permits can be purchased on the State Website (www.gooutdoorstennessee.com). Violators can expect to pay fines of over $300. Remember to stay on the trails and gravel roads. Do not cut new trails OR DRIVE OVER THE RESORT GRASS LAWNS. The speed limit on the trails is 25 mph and inside the campground is 10 mph. 

RIDING ON PAVED ROADS: It is now legal to operate ATV, UTV, Dirt Bikes, and similar type vehicles determined to be suitable and appropriate for safe operations on the highway/roads within jurisdiction of Campbell County, TN. Whereas, the operation of any such vehicle shall be subject to the following conditions and restrictions. Operators shall be 16 or older and hold a valid Driver’s License. Riding times are during daylight hours, which include 30 minutes before dawn and 30 minutes after dusk. Riders must stay on designated and posted roads. Riders must carry liability insurance and be able to provide proof upon request. All riders must wear a protective DOT helmet, goggles and use a seatbelt if in a Side by Side. DO NOT RACE ON THE ROADWAYS. Eagle Rock Resort & Campground works to maintain a family friendly environment. We reserve the right to refuse or remove, without refund, any guest(s) whose actions, in our opinion, are detrimental to a PEACEFUL environment, hazardous to property, unlawful use of FIREWORKS, lewd or unruly behavior, unsafe speeds, reckless behavior, trespassing, or criminal acts. Please have a great weekend and enjoy! 


For a speedy check-in process on the day of arrival, please visit the State website at www.gooutdoorstennessee.com. Every vehicle will need a permit and you can print them conveniently at home. Permits must be carried with you at all times and made available upon request. You can also download and complete the Eagle Rock Resort & Campground Liability Waiver in advance of your arrival upon request and review our General Information and Rules. 

State of Tennessee Resident Permit Fee

DAILY PERMIT: Type 36, Cost $18 per day 

ANNUAL PASS: Type 1 plus Type 93, Cost $56 

JUNIOR ANNUAL (13±): Type 70 plus Type 94, Cost $35 

NOTE: A Sportsman and Lifetime License holder as well as Active Military Member will cover your riding permit. 

Out of State Visitor Permit Fee 

DAILY PERMIT: Type 38, Cost $40 

SEVEN DAY PASS: Type 72 plus Type 93, Cost $84 

ANNUAL PASS: Type 71 plus Type 93, Cost $133 

JUNIOR ANNUAL (13±): Type 70 plus Type 94, Cost $36 

Passengers and Children 12 and under are FREE. 


The Eagle Rock Resort & Campground areas consist of over 200,000 acres and are accessible directly from our Campground. 


Safety Orange apparel is required on the head and chest of each rider during hunting season, which runs from the last week of October to the second week of January. Safety hats and vests can be purchased from our General Store. 


TWRA requires that helmets be worn by children under the age of 18 while riding. Eagle Rock Resort & Campground staff will enforce the use of helmets for children on the Resort grounds. Children should only operate age-appropriate machines and the Resort does not allow children to cruise the campground. Safety is paramount at Eagle Rock Resort & Campground and we strongly suggest the use of helmets for everyone. 

New Regulations for Operating on the Roadways

Effective July 1, 2017 it is now legal to operate your ATV or SxS on designated County and City roads of Lafollette roadways. You can now ride from the trail system into Lafollette for a shopping break and to enjoy lunch, ice cream or fuel.

  1. Operators must be 16 and hold a valid Driver’s License.
  2. They must operate only during daylight hours.
  3. Must stay on designated and posted roads.
  4. Must carry proof of Insurance.
  5. All Riders must wear a Dot helmet, goggles, and use a seat belt if in a SxS.
  1. Must lawfully obey all rules of the road applicable to other motor vehicles.
  2. Any vehicle operated in the City of Lafollette shall be operated in a safe manner.
  3. Regular safety check points will be conducted to ensure that riders are following procedures.
  4. Subject to any and all laws that are required and established by the State of Tennessee.


ALSO PLEASE NOTE: As Enthusiasts of off-road riding, we plead with everyone to PLEASE take pride in the privilege we all enjoy in these Beautiful Mountains and CARRY OUT YOUR TRASH!!! It is a disgrace to all to see litter on the trail system, and with your help we can carry on sharing these adventures with future generations. 

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