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For a speedy check in process on day of arrival, please visit the State website at www.gooutdoorstennessee.com. Every vehicle will need a permit and you can print them conveniently at home. Permit must be carried with you at all times and made available upon request. You can also download and complete the Liability Waiver in advance of your arrival and take a look at our General Information and Rules (link to internal ERRC “Rules and Campground Rules” page)

Tennessee Resident

DAILY PERMIT: Type 36, Cost $18 per day
ANNUAL PASS: Type 1 plus Type 93, Cost $56
JUNIOR ANNUAL (13±): Type 70 plus Type 94, Cost $35

NOTE: A Sportsman and Lifetime License holder as well as Active Military Member will cover your riding permit.

Out of State Visitor

DAILY PERMIT: Type 38, Cost $40
SEVEN DAY PASS: Type 72 plus Type 93, Cost $84
ANNUAL PASS: Type 71 plus Type 93, Cost $133
JUNIOR ANNUAL (13±): Type 70 plus Type 94, Cost $36

Passengers and Children 12 and under are FREE.


The Eagle Rock Resort & Campground areas consist of over 200,000 acres and are accessible directly from our Campground.

Safety Orange apparel is required on the head and chest of each rider during hunting season, which runs from the last week of October to the second week of January. Safety hats and vests can be purchased from our General Store.

TWRA requires that helmets be worn by children under the age of 18 while riding. Eagle Rock Resort & Campground staff will enforce the use of helmets for children on the resort grounds. Children should only operate age appropriate machines and the resort does not allow children to cruise the campground. Safety is paramount at Eagle Rock Resort & Campground and we strongly suggest the use of helmets for everyone.


New Regulations for Operating on the Roadways

Effective July 1, 2017 it is now legal to operate your ATV or SxS on designated County and City roads of Lafollette roadways. You can now ride from the trail system into Lafollette for a shopping break and to enjoy lunch, ice cream or fuel.

1. Operators must be 16 and hold a valid Driver’s License.
2. They must operate only during daylight hours.
3. Must stay on designated and posted roads.
4. Must carry proof of Insurance.
5. All Riders must wear a Dot helmet, goggles, and use a seat belt if in a SxS.
6. Must lawfully obey all rules of the road applicable to other motor vehicles.

7. Any vehicle operated in the City of Lafollette shall be operated in a safe manner.
8. Regular safety check points will be conducted to ensure that riders are following procedures.
9. Subject to any and all laws that are required and established by the State of Tennessee.

ALSO PLEASE NOTE: As Enthusiasts of off road riding, we plead with everyone to PLEASE take pride in the privilege we all enjoy in these Beautiful Mountains and CARRY OUT YOUR TRASH!!! It is a disgrace to all to see litter on the trail system, and with your help we can carry on sharing these adventures with future generations.

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